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Ebony Beach Lodge

2 Bungalows
Traditional dining
About Ebony Beach Lodge

Vilankulo beaches of Mozambique coast

Round off your safari with a relaxing stay at Ebony Beach Lodge on the beaches of Vilankulo along the Mozambique coast. The crystal clear Indian Ocean, protected by the Bazaruto Archipelago islands is teaming with sea life and offers an abundance of traditional and modern ocean activities and treasures. Mixed up with rich cultural experiences and local cuisine it is a perfect end to your African adventure.


Ebony Beach Lodge




Great Experiences

Bungalow 1


3 Suites

Twin bed en-suite luxurious suites for your enjoyment.

Secure Parking

Secure parking for your vehicle, so you can fully enjoy the vacation.

Large Deck

Large deck overlooking the ocean.

Dining & Sitting Area

We have luxurious dining and seating areas with spectacular views.

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